Brake Calipers


ReTech Loaded and Semi Loaded Brake Calipers

UMC ReTech's premium line of ReTech® remanufactured OE Friction Matched™ calipers restores the performance of your brakes. Each caliper core goes through a stringent ISO9001:2008 certified process ensuring consistent quality. Our quality line of brake calipers meets or exceeds OE specifications for fit and performance.

The ReTech Difference

  • 100% New seals, boots, and bleeder screws installed
  • 100% Inspection of all pistons. Pistons are replaced with new if necessary
  • 100% Tested for vacuum leaks
  • 100% Inspection of all threads, which are re-tapped if necessary
  • 100% Inspection of all hardware. Hardware is replaced with new if necessary
  • Rust inhibitor finish applied to all calipers giving them protection and a quality appearance
  • Available Semi-Loaded or Friction Matched™ Loaded Calipers.
  • USA sourced OEM caliper cores for quality, fit and function you can trust.
  • Supplied with mounting brackets and e-brake levers, where OE.
  • Quality friction installed in all Loaded calipers
  • Domestic and foreign applications for most auto and light/medium duty trucks
  • ISO9001:2008 registered facility and processes
  • 12 Month - 12,000 Mile Warranty