ReTech is ISO9001:2008 Certified

Quality is the foremost consideration in every decision we make.

UMC ReTech Employees have generally enjoyed long tenure with the company, possess a rich Mid-western work ethic, and are dedicated to exceeding our customer's expectations.

Founded in 1946, UMC ReTech follows a basic philosophy: Build a quality product and support it with unequaled customer service.

ReTech's Quality System history:

In 1993 Universal Mfg. Co. was awarded Ford Motor Company's highest supplier honor – the Q1 Preferred Quality Award. Quite simply, it means that every facet of UMC ReTech's operations meets or exceeds the standards set by Ford Motor Company including product inspection, management commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and quality monitoring. In April of 1999 we further demonstrated our commitment to quality by earning QS9000 status. In November 2005, UMC ReTech was re-registered to QS9000 after three consecutive surveillance audits with no non-conformances observed by our registrar. In November 2006, UMC ReTech became an ISO9001:2008 registered and compliant facility by our registrar. We are committed to quality.

ReTech continues to:

Maintain our high level of integrity and technical expertise
Continuously improve our workforce, processes, and products
Foster teamwork and employee empowerment
Provide our customers with high quality products with an outstanding return on investment