What is Remanufacturing?


Reman vs Used vs Rebuilt

If its not ReTech®, its not remanufactured!

A ReTech® branded remanufactured or "reman" part is a high quality alternative to a new original equipment part. Remanufacturing is a green process in which used parts are inspected and restored to meet or exceed the original specifications.

  • A used part is sold "as is" from a salvaged vehicle. The part is stripped from the vehicle and sold in its existing condition.
  • When a part is rebuilt, usually the component part that has failed is replaced or repaired. A rebuilt component part will resume its life where it left off, with only the failed component part replaced.
  • In a remanufactured part, each component of the unit is cleaned and inspected. All component parts are checked and brought back to original specifications where necessary. Testing is performed to manufacturer's specifications and original product standards. When finished, a remanufactured part will function as well as a new unit and still cost you less than new.

Worldwide energy savings through remanufacturing saves 350 tankers of crude oil or the equivalent of electricity from 8 nuclear power plants.